Advisory Services

As a strategist and advisor, I help my clients increase their effectiveness as business leaders or small business owners by creating a Kingdom culture in the workplace. It starts within you and then is authentically expressed through your company and your sphere of influence. Heaven has strategies and wisdom, and my goal is to help my clients lean into what is available to them to multiply their impact individually as well as corporately.

Through executive advising, I help you increase your leadership capacity as a Kingdom-driven CEO:

  • Identify your areas of growth for the season of business you are in
  • Create and grow Kingdom culture within yourself and within your business
  • Get one-on-one guidance that positions you for greater holistic profitability — eternal ROI (Kingdom impact + influence) as well as financial ROI.

Proposals are customized for each client based on their service needs, however, strategic advisory services are best suited for Kingdom business owners with 5-50 member employee teams.