Before God divinely interrupted my life in the most beautiful way over a decade ago, I was a chronic overachiever who majored in “grinding” and held an honorary degree from Team No Sleep University. A series of radical encounters with the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, transformed my entire life and business. Working WITH God became my new way of being and doing.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I’ve been with my husband Phil since the age of 16 and we’ve been married for 24 years
  • I’m the mother of 3 daughters from 3 different generations (they are 7 and 9 years apart!)
  • I’m a rare native Floridian who still lives in Florida (in the Fort Lauderdale area)
  • I have a healthy addiction to sunshine, water, and majestic mountain views
  • Cape Town, South Africa is the most beautiful place I have ever visited and I dream of periodic 3 month long stays there
  • I have been a podcaster for over a decade and avoided video like a plague from the book of Exodus, yet at Holy Spirit’s instructions here I am now hosting a new video podcast called Kingdom Over Everything
  • My Top 5 themes on the StrengthsFinder are: Relator, Activator, Communication, Connectedness, and Strategic
  • I now serve as the Executive Advisor for the company (Kingdom Driven LLC) I founded and previously served as CEO – my husband is the current CEO!

Work With Me

Heaven has strategies and wisdom, and my goal is to help my clients lean into what is available to them to increase their leadership capacity and multiply their Kingdom impact individually as well as corporately. If you’d like my direct support:

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