Married Couples

10551555_10152315365068342_6009612121072754245_o (2)My husband Phil and I are just a couple of crazy kids in love who have been happily married for 17 years, and together since we were 16.

We’ve also been blessed with an assignment to ignite marriages both inside and outside of the bedroom, and this ministry kicked off in Fall 2014 with our book “Ménage à Trois: You, Your Spouse, and the Lover of Your Souls.”

We speak on topics related to intimacy in marriage — spiritual (we are Bible-based), emotional and physical.  While we enjoy addressing couples for maximum impact, we are also open to engagements with audiences of solely husbands or wives. Topics can be presented in a keynote or workshop/seminar setting.

What Others Are Saying:

MATbookcover“As with many things in life, it’s easier to do them in the company of like-minded individuals than to do them alone. We did just that when our church hosted our first marriage seminar by Phil and Shae Bynes on their creatively titled book “”Ménage à Trois: You, Your Spouse, and the Lover of Your Souls.” It was refreshing, funny, and thought provoking. It challenged our church couples to THINK about where and how they need to work. It seems that we are comrades in arms, passionately proclaiming God’s truth to all who would dare listen in a fiery, non-traditional format. Just give it a shot. You won’t regret it.” ~Pastor Liz Rios, Passion Christian Church

“I hope every married and soon to be married couple will read this book. It is life changing, not just for us, but for our children, who now will see the and learn what healthy marriage looks like.” Reviewer

“After 38 years of marriage, this book stimulated some late night conversations that we haven’t had in a long time. Shae and Phil have let the Holy Spirit lead them through some tough topics. Thanks and love to both of them!” Reviewer

“This book is a God-send. I have to read this over and over and let it settle in my heart. It’s a book I can go back to and reference and meditate on. My marriage and sex life will never be the same as I learn these principles of letting God in this intimate time with my husband. Read this book. Then read it again.” Reviewer

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