About Shae

shae-fb1 copyHowdy and thanks for your interest in learning more about me!

In a nutshell I’m a woman (and wife and mommy) who loves God, loves people, and is wildly passionate about seeing others experience God’s best in their family and business lives.

I’m an author, mentor, and teacher on the topics of Christ-centered business and marriage but all of this started only a few years ago after a series of life-changing encounters with God that led me to my divine assignment in the marketplace.

I’ve had the entrepreneur bug since the year I graduated college and the writing bug since the third grade.  My mother would tell you that as long as I’ve been able to speak clearly, I’ve never run out of stories to tell. However now I’m able to direct those gifts to serve others in ways I never even imagined which has truly blessed me beyond measure.

The More Official Sounding Bio

Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, best-selling author, and teacher on God-centered and Spirit-led business and marriage. She likes to say that she’s a Firestarter, igniting fires in the marketplace and in bedrooms worldwide. She’s the author of eight books, including The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God’s Way, Encountering God: A Devotional for the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, and Ménage à Trois: You, Your Spouse, and the Lover of Your Souls. She is also the Host of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast, and Founder of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur community and ministry.

Shae studied Computer Science at University of South Florida and received an MBA in Management from University of Florida. She spent over a decade as an internet entrepreneur and also served as a business coach to part-time entrepreneurs and real estate investors after leaving her corporate career at IBM behind in 2010.

Preparing the next generation for success is one of Shae’s passions. She is a former children’s ministry leader and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the non-profit Kidz Count Inc, supporting youth financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs. A native Floridian, she is addicted to sunshine and happily calls the Fort Lauderdale area her home. Shae is a loving wife to her high school sweetheart Phil and mother to three beautiful daughters.

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